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Shower trays offer a sleek and streamlined look that complements your decor style.


Rectangle shower trays fit with Rectangle enclosures or shower doors located in a rectangle alcove.


5 Top Reasons to Use a Shower Tray

Drains Dry

Domustar designs shower trays with a slope that drains all of the water out of your shower. Shut the water off, and it all drains away.

Leak Protection

A shower tray is the barrier between your shower and the sub-floor, protecting from leaks and water damage. The upstands also protect water from spilling into your walls. This is especially important in multi-story homes and renovations where water leaks can cause extensive damage to the floors below.

Cleans Easily

Domustar shower trays are made from non-porous Acrylic-capped ABS or 100% Acrylic. Simply wipe the tray down with a mild cleaner, wash clean, and enjoy a mold-free tray for a long time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Not all shower trays are white. Talk with us about choices to change color and textures.  A well-chosen tray design, color, and texture can greatly enhance the shower area.


A shower tray is a cost-effective alternative because it requires less labor and materials to install. Save time and money by avoiding costly retrofitting or painstaking tiling.


Domustar trays deliver all of these benefits and more to our customers. Our robotic operations ensure manufacturing durability and stability. Once you step onto one of our trays, you will experience stability and strength without the heavy weight of typical stone or other manufactured materials.

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