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About Domustar

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Our mission is to manufacture our customer's products with the highest quality and exceptional value.

We exceed these goals by building on the following:

  • cultivating an international corporate culture of innovation,

  • pursuing an intense commitment to quality,

  • demonstrating attention to detail

  • developing high performance teams in all phases of our business.


Companies come to Domustar to produce and deliver high quality shower room products.

We help you provide elegant bathroom spaces that delight your customers.

With more than 281,000 square feet of plant area, Domustar is one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of shower doors, shower caddies, backwalls, and shower trays in the world. With advanced manufacturing operations and world-wide global logistics services, Domustar continues to deliver exceptional products de- signs, competitive OEM services, and high quality innovative products.

Domustar is a 100% USA owned company. Our legal and financial headquarters are in Charlotte, N.C., USA. Our active investment partner is PRI (Pacific Resources International). PRI has 20+ operations in China and over 300 active suppliers among sister companies.

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