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Pivot and Hinge shower doors give your bathroom an open, modern feeling. Their beauty also brings along some great functions.


Enjoy Larger Openings
These doors allow for wider entry and exit areas. Some models can even swing 180 degrees!

Support Age-in-Place Designs
Upgrading to these doors easily accommodate loved ones with mobility challenges or limited strength because the doors are easy to open and can be installed on a low entry tray or directly on the floor.

Low Maintenance
With no bottom track, there is no track to clean. These doors are easily maintained because of the enclosed pivot and the optional Clear Shield glass treatment to minimize glass streaking.

Upgrade to printed glass designs and customized hardware colors to express individuality.

Design Flexibility
Adding an in-line panel or even a return panel, transforms your door into a shower enclosure.


Hinge doors can typically handle thicker glass glass (8mm+) than pivot doors.

  • Less door swings outward on a pivot door, depending on the pivot's location.

  • A pivot door may feel more airy than a hinge door due to the pivot's location.

  • Each has its own aesthetic uniqueness such as unbroken vertical lines, hardware color statement, and wall connection effect.

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Insider Secrets

  • Interior flat hinges combine hinge strength with easy glass cleaning!

  • Stainless steel makes a great hinge so it can open and close thousands of times.

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